New England Regional Coordinator

Imam Kashif Abdul-Karim

Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island

New England Regional Coordinator

Imam Kashif Abdul-Karim reverted to the religion of Al-Islam 23 years ago, May 15, 1986. He entered into the religion of Al-Islam in New Haven, Connecticut under the local direction of Imam Abdul Majid Karim Hasan and the national leadership of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed. It was under Imam Abdul Majid Karim Hasan’s direction that he was encouraged to develop his studies of Al-Islam and enter into the field of Prison Ministry. His background as a graduate from the University of Connecticut in 1985 set the stage for his role in Islamic Education and Prison Ministry. He became a chaplain for the State of Connecticut in 1987 under the tutor ledge of senior chaplain Yahya Shakoor and former chaplain Abdul Shaheed. He retired in 2004 after 17 years of service to the Department of Correction. While working in prison chaplaincy he performed Jumu’ah, Taalim, and classroom instruction on Islam, weddings, crisis intervention, and pastoral Care.

Prison Chaplaincy and the Late Imam Jabir A. Jawwaad pressed him to develop himself Islamically. He began to attend classes, workshops, seminars and programs for Islamic aggrandizement sponsored by The Mosque Cares and the leadership of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed. He has studied intensively under various imams supporting this leadership throughout the United States and under local scholars in the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad. He has also studied Arabic and Qur’anic Science with American Muslim Scholars Imam Zaid Shakir, Imam Dawud Yasin, Wali Shabazz and Imam Salim Mu’min’s online program. Kashif Abdul-Karim considers himself a sincere student and supporter of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed’s legacy.

In 1987, Kashif became involved with the Sister Clara Muhammad School in New Haven, Connecticut, under the guidance of Principal Zakiyyah Sharief-Hasan. He started as a Community Studies instructor teaching African American History. Over the next 14 years he would serve as an Islamic Studies teacher, curriculum coordinator, vice-principal and principal of the school. He also served as a curriculum coordinator for the North East Regional Department of Islamic Education. He also served as principal for the Islamic Cooperative Home Schooling Network of Connecticut, A full-time alternative to home-schooling education program for Muslim youth and their parents. This Program was directed under the guidance of Imam Zaid Shakir.

During his period in New Haven, Ct, Kashif served as Dawah Chairperson and Public Relations Chairperson for Muhammad Islamic Center in New Haven. He was the founder of Islamic Insight TV, one of the first broadcast programs in the State of Connecticut to teach the religion of Islam and spread the commentary of Imam W.D. Mohammed. He also started the Adhan Newsletter a monthly publication designed to share the interest of the Muslim community with the broader community of Connecticut.

Kashif Abdul-Karim went to Hartford, Ct in 2002 at the invitation of The Late Imam Qasim Sharief to serve as Vice-Principal of The Clara Muhammad School. He quickly grew to become director / principal of The Clara Muhammad Supplemental Education Program. He embraced this opportunity to expand his conceptual ideas on Islamic education. Imam Qasim Sharief opened the door for Kashif to work with The Mosque Cares Department of Islamic Education on national curriculum development for weekend schools. This assignment was in direct relationship with the direction of Imam WD Mohammad. In this capacity Kashif has worked with educational scholars on The National Framework for the Clara Muhammad School Curriculum. This curriculum framework was accepted by Imam W.D. Mohammed and The Mosque Cares’ Department of Islamic Education. Kashif simultaneously served as an instructor at Al Aziz Islamic Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut teaching Change and Transformation based on the commentary of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, under the direction of resident imam Nasif Muhammad. Kashif served as a partner in the National business program of The Mosque Cares as a distributor in the Collective Purchasing Conference and a business partner in the local business efforts of Muhammad Islamic Center of Hartford through “Iqraa Bookstore Boutique and Things” During the illness of Imam Qasim Sharief, He served the community as acting Imam seeking diligently to maintain and preserve the great works of Imam Qasim Sharief. After Imam Qasim Sharief returned to Allah the community elected and ratified him as the new resident imam of Muhammad Islamic Center of Greater Hartford. As Resident Imam, He sought to stabilize, and preserve Imam Qasim Sharief’s legacy while growing and developing the community through unified community participation based in the commentary, language, and leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

Kashif is also President of Insight Productions Incorporated; a program specializing in workshops, photography, videography, desktop publishing and trainings on Al-Islam and culturally based programming for African Americans. In this capacity he performed quarterly training for social workers, psychologists and treatment providers for the Department of Children and Families on “Islam and Muslim Children”. This had become a popular and sought after program through the Department of Children and Families training academy. Kashif annually instructs a class at Southern Connecticut State University on “Pastoral Counseling from an Islamic Perspective” In an effort to expand his personal service to the community he joined with Diversity Solutions to bring Diversity to the State of Connecticut. In this capacity he provided training on Islam to Municipal Police Departments, Connecticut State Police, and The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Kashif serves as secretary for The New England Council of Masajid, and is on the board of directors for the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut, the Council of American Islamic Relations, Connecticut Chapter, The Connecticut Center for a New Economy, The Fellowship Coalition for Universal Healthcare, Faith Leaders for a more Just Budget , and Just Peace. He also functions as the President and chairperson for the State of Connecticut’s Muslim Endorsement Council of Connecticut; MECC.. Kashif was recently elected to serve as convener for the Leadership Council for Connecticut Masajid. Kashif represented the Muslim Community of Connecticut in the movement against gun violence. This effort joined together The Brotherhood Leadership Summit of New Haven, The Christian Community Commission of New Haven, CTRIBAT and the Muslim American Community. In this capacity he worked with the Mayor of New Haven and the asst chief of police to perform community forums and community dialogues.

Imam Kashif was selected on May 29, 2007 to be a representative for Muslims in The United States of America at the Global Civilization Study Centre in London, England. He represented the Indigenous Muslims of America and addressed the contributions of African American Muslims to America under the leadership of Imam W.D. Muhammad.
Kashif is deeply involved in the struggle for universal healthcare. This is of a personal concern after witnessing his mother’s struggle with healthcare and as a victim of Muscular Dystrophy (spinal cerebella atrophy). He has joined with the interfaith community to rally lawmakers for universal healthcare and equal medical coverage for the poor. He has also joined with religious leaders and “A Better Choice for Connecticut” to encourage lawmakers and Congress to support a balanced state budget based in morality. He has played a key role in developing and writing the “Principles of Morality” for Connecticut congressmen and lawmakers. Kashif was the first Muslim to perform the inaugural prayer for the mayor of the city of New Haven, The Honorable John DeStephano, and the newly elected Governor of Connecticut, The Honorable Dannel Malloy. Kashif has Joined the American Coalition of Good Government and is currently serving as regional coordinator.

Kashif was employed as a Parole Officer with the State of Connecticut’s Juvenile Justice Department. He worked with committed delinquent youth and their families from 1989 – 2009. He retired from state service after 23 years. Upon retirement he received recognition from the Governors’ office for his contribution and service to the State of Connecticut. He was cited as a role model for Connecticut’s citizenry.

Kashif has received many awards and recognition for Community Service. He has received awards from the African American Cultural Center of UConn, Muhammad Islamic Center of New Haven, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, The Networking Alliance of Black Social Workers, a Citation and Proclamation from The Honorable Mayor John Daniels for Service to the Community of New Haven, and on April 26, 2006 he received The Civil Service Award, from Oriental lodge #6 F & A.M. Prince Hall Free Masons for his work in Law Enforcement
Kashif is Married to Khaliah Abdul-Karim and has three children Samira, Gabriel and Joshua Abdul-Karim.
All Praise is due to Allah, and to Allah Alone.