Midwest Regional Coordinator

Khadijah Muhammad

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan

Midwest Regional Coordinator

Has been associated with the American Coalition for Good Government since 1998 and involved in the political process at local and state levels for over twenty years.  As a student of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA) since 1977 and working within the community associated with his leadership, working within the political process became a must.  I have worked in City, County, or State government for the last twenty eight years and presently hold a position within the City of Indianapolis that oversees long term compliance of federal grants as well as acting as lead staff of the Indianapolis Housing Trust Fund.  In 2008 I was appointed by the incoming Mayor, Gregory Ballard to create an offender re-entry strategy and program infrastructure for the City of Indianapolis, IN.  I accomplished that and also wrote grants and project initiatives that brought over three million dollars for offender re-entry to the city. Prior to that appointment, I was Director of Community Transition for the Indiana State Department of Correction and in that position I was responsible for offender re-entry programming county-wide within in the entire state consisting of 92 counties.

Khadijah Muhammad is a graduate of the Richard G. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series, a precinct committeeperson for over twenty years, county ward chairman and a member of both township and city political organizations.  She has represented Indiana in Washington D.C.  at several political events one of which was as a National Convention delegate and as a member of the National Platform committee.

She is owner of K.A.M. Consulting, LLC a Minority Woman owned for- profit business that was developed in 1994.  As a part of that business, Khadijah contracts to deliver technical assistance in the areas of; community/economic development, grant writing and offender re-entry.  During her career she has contracted with the Department of Justice to deliver consulting services related to community and economic development, Weed and Seed Initiatives and Offender Re-entry start ups.

During the last year, Khadijah completed the development of the Muslim Re-entry Network of America where she will take the offender re-entry framework to a national level utilizing this 501c3 organization.

Khadijah is family oriented and spends quality time with her adult children and grandchildren as well as others in the community that values her guidance.

Khadijah is a member of the following organizations:

  • American Coalition for Good Government
  • Habitat for Humanity Board member since 2005.
  • Muslim American Criminal Justice Association
  • Founding member of the Healthy Marriage Initiative of Indiana
  • Founding member of Muslim Women of America.