An Appeal to Right Minded People and Organizations: The Muslim Voice on Solutions to Violence

By Yahya Shabazz,  West Coast Coordinator , American Coalition for Good Government

As-Salaam- Alaikum (Peace be Upon You):

West Coast Regional Coordinator

This is an open appeal to all right minded people and organizations, inviting them to a discussion on the topics mentioned in this article.

We are deeply concerned with the moral decline of our country, with a special emphasis on gun violence. The situation we are facing is the exact same situation witnessed by Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) over fourteen hundred years ago, however, due to modern technology and massive manufacturing of weapons our situation is fourteen (14) times worse.

As Muslims, we must feel obligated to address issues as our Prophet did, using the logic of the Quran. This is how Imam W. Deen Mohammed instructed us to approach issues and circumstances of concern.

Imam W. Deen Mohammed taught us that there are forces working in the environment to bring the good nature of the human being under their control.  The human psych is under constant attack by the negative influences put in the environment by Satan, and these influences have brought us to a low point in our human existence.

Allah Almighty, created the human being in the best of molds, Almighty G-d (Allah) gave the human being an excellent creation, and so as it stands to reason for us to be brought to this low point in our creation, something powerful had to be working against us to purposely destroy what God has created. We should understand that guns are not the problem the problem is influencing of the thinking of the individual. When the individual has control of his own thinking, the gun problem is eliminated.

Music that incites violence and entertainment that promotes violence is uprooting us from the natural creation and is making the human being other than human. We live in a society that is grounded in frivolous and shallow thinking (fads, trends, obsession with celebrity, etc.). These forms of thinking (frivolous and shallow) have no true value and they are major contributors to the destruction of the family and the deterioration of societal values.

The White House and Congress have fought tooth and nail over the debt ceiling. This fighting has been magnified and intensified in the news. The closest incident we can relate to this (Fiscal Cliff) is the Great Depression.

Our government has forecasted a bad economic situation; this forecast is resulting in people suffering, hurting, losing employment, losing homes, the breakup of families and has made the foreseeable future seem bleak. We can clearly see why people do the crazy things they do, especially as we see the “newscasters” sensationalize the economical situation of our country.

What we see today is not an accident, likewise it is not guns that are destroying our society, it is the overt destruction of the thinking and acting of the human being that is destroying society.

This article is an appeal to all right minded people and organizations to come to the table and discuss the issues mentioned and to offer a united resolution in addressing and resolving our concerns.

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