Shaheer Aktaab ACGG Missouri State Coordinator wins Kansas City Missouri Ward 2 Committeeman Position

Shaheer Aktaab ACGG Missouri State Coordinator wins Kansas City Missouri Ward 2 Committeeman Position

Posted on September 1, 2012 by Admin

By Khadijah Aminah Muhammad, ACGG Midwest Region Coordinator, and Marvin Muhammad, ACGG Southeast Region Coordinator

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – On Aug. 7, 2012, Shaheer Aktaab made history and was elected as Kansas City’s Ward 2 Committeeman.

The Committeeman is a position within the local Democratic Party. Its purpose is to help organize and support the local Democratic Party.  Ward 2 is one of 26 wards within the city of Kansas City and is home to 12,100 people, of which 5,395 are registered voters.

Although the purpose of the position is to bring support to the Democratic Party, Bro. Shaheer sees his major responsibility being to serve the neighborhood people and to help them where they most need assistance.

His approach will be consistent with his campaign position of “People helping People.”This is something he will continue throughout the ward by working with neighborhood associations and various senior citizen organizations.

There were some major areas where Shaheer encountered challenges during the campaign, but they were overcome within a short period of time.

The first challenge involved his Ward being redistricted from Ward 1 to Ward 2. This meant he had to become acquainted with a totally different area and get to know and gain the trust of the people living there very quickly.

Another area that presented a challenge was his opponent, who was connected to an organization that had been in existence for over 50 years.  Historically, whomever this organization endorsed would win the majority of the committeeman positions.

Bro. Shaheer ran as an Independent against a well established leadership organization, known as the Freedom Organization.

His success came as a result of faith, help from local citizens, neighborhood associations, an interfaith team and unlimited support from the Muslim community both within the Kansas City area and from around the country.

To win, Shaheer started a door to door campaign and knocked on the doors of 70 percent of the registered voters in Ward 2. He organized his campaign strategy on a block by block approach.  This made the work of identifying and staying on task easier and more focused, as his slogan indicates “People Helping People.”

This included going to the poor, the wayfarer and the homeless, which all people of faith can identify with. “People Helping People in accord with the Word of G-d” was the motivation.

Ward 2 Committeeman, Shaheer Aktaab states, “At times, it was an uphill battle. But as is stated in our Holy Book, The Qur’an, ‘man gets that which he strives for.’”

Bro. Shaheer Aktaab concluded with, “All praise is due to Allah, and thanks to all believers within Kansas City, Missouri, Ward 2 and from around the country who contributed to the campaign, whether financially or with advice.

“Both of these kinds of support enhanced my ability to remain competitive, when at some points the odds were not in my favor.

“The victory is with the believers and the people of Ward 2 in Kansas City, Missouri.”

Congratulations, Bro. Shaheer Aktaab. You make the Midwest Region proud!