ACGG’s Position on Shariah Law

Center for Security Policy

We are a balanced community of Muslims, “In Service to G-D and Country”. We were always taught by our leader Imam Warith Deen Mohammed,( may Almighty G-D be pleased with him, grant him paradise and forgive his sins), to take the middle course, leaning neither to the left nor the right. A community supporting what is right and forbidding what is wrong. We believe that there is no compulsion in religion, that whether you are Jew, Christian, Muslim or Sapiens, we will all receive our reward with our Lord and on the final day G-D will answer the questions on matters which we differ. This is what the Holy Quran says!
We believe in all the books of G-D’S word, The Torah, The Gospels of Christ Jesus and The Holy Quran. We believe in the virgin birth of Christ Jesus and the birth of Adam, who was created from dust; without a mother or a father, as G-D says “BE” and it is. We believe in the G-D of all systems of knowledge that has no need of us or our misguided creation of laws condoning murder, maiming and the abuse of women and children based on our poor understanding and interpretation of scripture.

We denounce “Shariah Law” as described in the document prepared by the Center for Security Policy (CSP). This CSP document is filled with divisive findings that further polarizes Americans. Extremists are a minority in all faith groups and they should be identified as such. They don’t represent the vast majority of peace-loving religious people. We should not allow CSP’s biased findings negatively color the healthy picture of Al-Islam in the world and especially in America.

For many years we have held out a hand to our government, other faith communities and people seeking to learn to calm the fears of the American people. The ACGG seeks to be an instrument in bridging many gaps in religious understanding. We are still standing here, waiting for intelligent minds willing to engage in discussions of mutual interest and concerns.

The American Coalition for Good Government has a membership which includes elected and appointed officials, both present and former, and others with an interest in advancing our status in government and politics. For example, the article which appeared last week in the Muslim Journal, written by Imam Yusuf Abdul-Wali, reflects the ACGG’s brief response on shariah in the United States. However, we will continue to discuss and study the CSP document and anticipate a more detailed exposition in the future. We look forward to dialogue with the CSP and other organizations with concerns regarding Al-Islam and Muslims in America.

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You can download a copy of the document entitled: “Shariah – The Threat to America” here.