An Appeal to Right Minded People and Organizations: The Muslim Voice on Solutions to Violence

By Yahya Shabazz,  West Coast Coordinator , American Coalition for Good Government As-Salaam- Alaikum (Peace be Upon You): West Coast Regional Coordinator This is an open appeal to all right minded people and organizations, inviting them to a discussion on the topics mentioned in this article. We are deeply concerned with the moral decline of our country, with a special emphasis on gun violence. The situation we are facing is the exact same situation witnessed by Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) over fourteen hundred years ago, however, due to modern technology and massive manufacturing of weapons our situation is fourteen (14) times worse. As Muslims, we must feel obligated to address issues as our Prophet did, using the…

ACGG Public Forum Questions, Atlanta GA

AMERICAN COALITION FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT – PUBLIC FORUM QUESTIONS ATLANTA, GEORGIA During the recent American Coalition for Good Government Public Forum in Atlanta, Georgia at the Muslim Journal “A Time to Be Grateful” weekend (December 14 -16, 2012) several questions were asked to the panel. Listed are the questions and the answers: Do we (Muslims) have an agenda for the year 2013? In reference to our Political Stratagem? In reference to our (Muslim American)stratagem for 2013 the American Coalition for Good Government (ACGG) would like to refer everyone to the 2012 Political Platform (this can be found at The platform is a foundational platform that can be used as a building coalition document for…

ACGG Political Convention 2015 POSTPONED Until 2016

The ACGG Political Convention for 2015 has been POSTPONED until 2016. For information, please contact us. Thank you!      

ACGG Political Survey Report 2012

Read report here: ACGGpolitical survey

Frontline Examines Why Wall-Street Executives Are to Big to Prosecute

See full story here.

George Zimmerman Verdict

The American Coalition for Good Government (ACGG) would like to express its disappointment in the recent George Zimmerman verdict.  ACGG feels the decision of “not guilty” is grossly in error. Read the ACGG press release here.                          

Our Children, Our Present, Our Future

By Fleming El-Amin Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator, American Coalition for Good Government The media has been inundated with opposing views on the appropriate response to the tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut and Chicago, Illinois. The theme for these horrendous and cruel events is the safety of our children. How do we as responsible citizens do a better job of addressing the violent culture that has placed our children in their sights as targets? Can we honestly just say that these killings are the price we pay for living in a Democracy? As a Civics and Economics High School teacher, I am familiar with the historical context of the liberty we have in the 2nd Amendment. “A well…

Shaheer Aktaab ACGG Missouri State Coordinator wins Kansas City Missouri Ward 2 Committeeman Position

Shaheer Aktaab ACGG Missouri State Coordinator wins Kansas City Missouri Ward 2 Committeeman Position Posted on September 1, 2012 by Admin By Khadijah Aminah Muhammad, ACGG Midwest Region Coordinator, and Marvin Muhammad, ACGG Southeast Region Coordinator KANSAS CITY, Mo. – On Aug. 7, 2012, Shaheer Aktaab made history and was elected as Kansas City’s Ward 2 Committeeman. The Committeeman is a position within the local Democratic Party. Its purpose is to help organize and support the local Democratic Party.  Ward 2 is one of 26 wards within the city of Kansas City and is home to 12,100 people, of which 5,395 are registered voters. Although the purpose of the position is to bring support to the Democratic Party,…